Monday, July 4, 2011

Happy 4th of July

I remember my first 4th ofJuly in sobriety. It was pretty horrible. I
look back now and it was totally self-pity. But I didn't know that
then. All I knew was that I felt like complete shit and nothing was
going my way.

Funny how far I've come. Now I don't really have "a way" I expect it
to go. I understand that it's going to go the way it's going to go
regardless of how I think it should. So I have learned to go with the
flow. Much easier that way!

We can save ourselves from A TON of self-pity by NOT DRIVING DRUNK
this holiday weekend.

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  1. Happy 4th of July to everyone! Sorry I didn't do a Sobriety Sunday post yesterday....I hosted a 41st Bday party for a friend Sat. nite that lasted until 4 a.m. and then had to be at a ballgame at 8 a.m. - needless to say, I got home after the game and slept almost the rest of the day & evening. I spologize for missing yesterday and will definitely post next Sunday :)

    I plan to spend the day with the family and have no expectations or definite plans - we're kinda playin it by ear. I find that when I have expectations - I'm ALWAYS disappointed in some way or another - so I'm good with whatever happens, happens.

    Hope everyone is doing well out there! Hugs to everyone :)

  2. Yesterday was my first 4th of July without alcohol. And today marks one year without drinking alcohol for me. feeling reaffirmed in my decision to remove alcohol from my life. Attending a fireworks celebration where the majority of people were drinking just made that more clear. Fun times with a clear mind. :-)

  3. Anonymous, Great job on a year!!

    This was a weird 4th. I just moved and I am still getting settled. I am still sober and that is a blessing!!

  4. Anon - Congrats on your 1 year of sobriety! That's awesome....something I'm still looking forward to celebrating. Keep on keepin day at a time.