Thursday, July 7, 2011

A few things about me.....

I use to have a HUGE fear of public speaking
I was a pre-school teacher for 10 years
I scrap booked the first 5 years of both my boys lives
Holding hands is one of my favorite things
I would rather have 10 kids than 10 animals
I think a cute new shirt can actually fix most things
I often just pretend that I am okay
I quit smoking by using the power of breath ('Oh, and God)
I want my own talk show
and to be in love.

What about you?


  1. I'll join in....I like these :)

    I love animals - all animals, hence my many visits to the zoo

    I have one sister, younger

    I served in the US Army for 8 years and did a 6 month tour in Saudi Arabia during Desert Storm

    I was a paralegal in a lawfirm for 10 years before becoming a stay at home mom

    I have a huge fear of drowning

    I cut my own bangs when I was 10 yrs old - a big piece all the way down to the scalp and still have the little cowlick to remember it by

    I weaned myself off of speed by myself, no rehab, no hospital - one of the hardest things I've ever been through

    I got Bells Palsy when I was pregnant & a month shy of delivering my 2nd son - thought I had MS

    I love to cuddle....with my hubby, my boys and my dogs

    I too used to be completely fearful of public speaking - not so much these days

    I hope everyone is doing well - join in and tell us some things about you that we don't know - I love learning new things about others.

    Off to the Lake tomorrow morning, but I will definitely be guest posting may just be a little later in the day.

    Hugs to everyone!

  2. I like this too. ok. I don't like cherries but, I love cherry pie.
    I love music and I love plays but, I hate musicals.
    I'm deathly afraid of heights but, love flying in airplanes.
    I think mean people are ugly. I always wanted a few kids, God blessed me with one. But, I have spent the last ten years being a nanny to some very sweet families in our village. Before that, I was a stay at home mom, and I loved every minute of it! I thought by 51, I'd know more. But, I don't and that's ok. I love hugs. :)

  3. Fun - OK, I'm in.

    I am a high school Spanish teacher.

    I hate massages, touching people - get creeped out if asked to rub sunscreen on anyone (esp. DH)

    Love, love, love dogs - but not cats (yuck)

    Was a Peace Corps volunteer in Ecuador for 2 1/2 years.

    Taught in federal prison for 8 years!

    Love hot tubs - all year round.

    Love to cook.

    I weigh less now than I did in my teens but eat lots and don't try to lose weight.

    My favorite food is soup!