Thursday, June 16, 2011


I'm wondering how many people were wanting an update on Tuesdays post.
Well whether or you wanted one or not your getting one. Cause it
worked out, as always.

About 5 minutes after I published the post I got a txt from a friend
asking if I was going to our home group that night. I txt back -yes,
if I have enough gas- she then txt -if you can make it to my work I'll
give you some gas money-you see this friend doesn't drive and I often
give her rides. She was happy to help.

With the help of God, and a good friend I made it to my meeting on time.

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  1. Yes - I was waiting for an update :) It just goes to show, if we turn things over to our HP and ask Him for help, He will take care of us. You didn't have to drink, you didn't have to get all stayed calm, prayed and things turned out fine. I'm happy it all worked out Em - I practice what you've taught me every day and it seems to work for me too. Not sure if I told you for sure or not, but we are flying in the night of the 24th and going back home on Aug. 1st - can't wait to see you!

    Hope everyone is doing well....haven't heard much from anyone lately. If you get a chance - leave a comment letting us all know how things are goin with you - always good to keep in touch with everyone on here :)

  2. Emily,

    I just love when we can sit back and watch our HP in action. I have had so many instances in my life where this has happened. I don’t know if I ever shared this story on here before, so if I have, I apologize.

    One of the great instances where my HP went into action…

    Money was nonexistent, refrigerator was running on empty. I was getting child support in the amount of $142.00 every two weeks. I thought that the checks were running 2 weeks behind but wasn’t sure. I was sitting out on the front porch in March, wondering and praying. I had no idea how I was going to put food on the table for the next two weeks. The snow was melting and something caught my attention out of the side of my eye. Here in the bushes, wrapped around leaves and melting snow, I see some paper. Thinking I was just going to throw away some garbage, I climb over everything to retrieve this piece of garbage. Low and behold it is a child support check dated from November of the previous year. Wow….

    Happy, Joyous and Free,