Thursday, June 30, 2011

The uncomfortable comfort zone.

I'm posting this to remind me of the story I want to write. I would
write it right now, but I'm sooo tired I can hardly keep my eyes open.

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Friday July 1, 2011

I have been stuck, so stuck in this uncomfortable zone that for some reason started to feel comfortable. Day after day laying on the couch, drownding everything out. It was not pretty. I have a very good friend that says she has to fight her depression as hard as she fights her alcoholism. I get it. I feel when a depression is coming on just as much as I when my alcoholism is getting the best of me. And the solution I have found is the same...go to a meeting, call someone, take a walk, read something spiritual...

So anyway I'm out of it. I have a job (It's feeding the CUBS minor leauge team:) I am helping others stay sober and I blogging again. One Day at a Time...I am getting better...One day at a Time.


  1. Its almost like when the abnormal becomes normal this is simple but not easy.Some days its baby steps but it works if I work it one day at a time.

  2. Just saw a very interesting news broadcast on HLN about a neurosurgeon experiencing depression. He battled it with exercise - running, biking and swimming. It was quite interesting. Maybe you could google it and take a few tips from his experience? It is amazing what exercise can do for our bodies and our minds.

    Congrats on the job - sounds interesting!!

  3. Laying on the couch day after day is not good for anyone mentally (or physically). Also, it has to hurt financially. Glad you found a job! Are you still with Buzzberry, too? Keeping busy is what helps me tremendously in my efforts to stay sober. :)

  4. After getting sober at times I still get depressed and have mood swings and I have been told I was in a "dry drunk". I was showing signs of someone who was drinking but was not. After 4 years I still have "dry drunks". I wonder if recovering alcoholics experience depression and mood swings more than "normal" people. But ONE THING I KNOW a dry drunk is much better than a wet one. Happy about your job, it sounds interesting. You could find yourself with a more responsible job with the CUBS as you get into your job more. Good luck and I hope this job makes you happy and solves your financial burdens. Happy and sober 4th weekend to you Emily.