Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Spiritual Push-ups

On my stay off the pity-pot walk last night I got a clear message that I was to do spiritual push-up. And I get what that means. You see I believe that my disease, or evil, or what ever you want to call the "bad" shit attacks you when you're weak. And the absolute only way to protect your myself is to get as close to your higher power as possible.

You see my disease wants to keep me in fear, it wants to stop me from reaching out and asking for help. it wants me all alone thinking things will never get better. But I know that's a crock. I'm the one with the tag line "It gets better, I promise."

Right now if I want to get better, if I want to grow and change I'm going to need to work my ass off. My God will protect me from my depression, from my alcoholism and from whatever harm comes my way, but not if I don't ask and then take the needed action. Right now I have something that could throw me way off track, but not if I place it in God's hands. This is sorta off topic but I am finding that I have no problem trusting my God, its other peoples Gods I don't trust. Tis' turning out to be a problem. Especially when someone you love is about to get a 24 hour chip. And you know you better stay out of the way of his program.

So you see for me the answer to all of this is.....

Spiritual Push-ups, and yes Mom a job:)

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