Tuesday, June 7, 2011

My Feelings Today....

This morning I shared in a meeting that I talk publicly about my alcoholism. I felt really insecure about it. Many people look down upon this. And it is heavily judged. I get why, especially right now. The documentary I shot awhile back is coming out in the next few months. In my heart, the heart of the director, and the other people involved we know it's most likely going to go somewhere...maybe somewhere big, it may be huge, it may lift some of the stereo type of alcoholism, it many help one person, or it may help hundreds. I know it will be good. In fact I know it will be great.

But holy crap the story, MY story the one I normally only share in a room full of people that don't judge me and know exactly what I'm talking about because they have been through the same thing. is about to be public knowledge. It is scary. I am just another alcoholic. I am not unique, my story though my own, isn't anything special. The difference is I have been given the opportunity to tell it publicity, and I took it. If I had any doubt that this was my calling I wouldn't be doing it, no flipping way. But I know it is. When the camera is on my words flow, they are my thoughts and my experience, but told in a way that I know I don't own. In fact when they come out of my mouth I'm normally amazed, and I usually can't repeat them the same way (I'm a get it in the first take kinda of girl) It is a gift, and I am VERY grateful to be able to share it in this way, scared, but grateful. So I guess no matter what, no matter sees my story I shouldn't worry as I know I am following Gods will....


  1. Hi Emily, Please let us all know where we can see the documentary. We don't have cable in our house so, maybe on the internet? Or, perhaps the producers might let you post it on here? I'm so happy for you, it is going to be BIG! Maybe I'll have to go see it in a theatre!
    Love to you all,

  2. You were blessed with a gift from God sweetie :) I remember watching your Drunk Driving Awareness vido and you were so well spoken, your voice was soft, sad, strong, scared, uplifting all at once. You told your brief story involving your DUI's with confidence and honesty and most likely touched many people by it. This documentary will be awesome....just like you are!

    I'm prayin that it does turn into something big for you babe - cuz you definitely deserve it.

    Hugs to ya!