Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Sitting in Faith

I am sharing my story today at noon. It is always my honor. I am going to share with you guys how I'm doing financially, not to get sympathy, or donations (though they are appreciated) but so you understand that in my life, and I believe in any ones life who asks, God will take care of our needs, maybe not always our wants, but always are needs.

So anyway today I had $1.00 to my name. I was all like no problem, I'll put that in my gas tank to get to the meeting." then the power went out (I have a pay as you go power box) and my plan changed I then spent that $1.00 on power. Now I'm not going to lie I have anxiety about it...I'm not sure if I have enough gas to make it to the meeting. But I have done my part. I have a text out asking for a ride. If they don't get back to me. I'll chance that I have enough gas, because missing a service commitment is not a choice. You may ask how am I not freaking out? I'm not freaking out because it ALWAYS, ALWAYS works out. Not usually in my timing, not always in the way I would like it to, but one way or another it works out.

So right now, I'm trying to sit in faith, because the other option is sitting in anxiety, which is no fun at all!

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  1. Hi Emily, Your post really spoke to me. Today I found out that I am "under water" regarding my very tiny but, cozy house. That means I owe more than what my house is currently worth. I know I am blessed to have a home at all, I just was not expecting to owe more than it's worth. So, I got a bit teary and then considered my options. I had signed up for a summer Bible study that began tonight. I soooooo did not want to go and felt very justified in staying home so I could continue the "pity party". But, I had invited someone to the study and she'd never been to a Bible study before so, I felt obligated to show my face just because she'd be there. Turns out, it was the best decision I'd made all day because now I too, am sitting in faith. It's not cozy like my little home but, I know it's where I need to sit while God shows me the next step. Hopefully, after a good nights sleep, I'll have more clarity in the morning. I love how God always works it out. Don't the love the way He chooses to go about it sometimes but, God is Good!!! Love to you, Kate