Thursday, May 19, 2011


Where I am today? OkayI guess, doing better. I didn't spend all day asleep on the couch, which is good. Last night at my meeting I share -a lot- about what was going on with me. I love the fact that I never have to be all alone again. Even when life is sucking, it's not hopeless -far from it-

Here's a little of what's going on in my head....Go to meetings, call another sober person, eat healthy, watch your sugar and caffeine intake, work-out everyday (even if it's only for 10 minutes) Pray, Go to meetings, call another sober person, eat healthy, watch your sugar and caffeine intake, work-out everyday (even if it's only for 10 minutes) pray...

Right now I feel like I'm staying sober and sane"One breath, one thought, one moment at a time"

How are you doing?


  1. Hi Emily,

    Thank you for asking!
    I am doing okay today.
    Yesterday I met a serious HALT and was able to listen to it.

    Today I have al lot of things to do which is no problem because I don't drink.

    Have a wonderful day!

  2. Hi Emily and All,
    I decided to stop feeling like a misfit. It hit me like a ton of bricks that the more I obsess about the things I cant do and the places I shouldnt go, the worse I feel!!
    I have always had a gypse soul and a free spirit but over these last few years I lost the person that I was. I liked that girl and so did everyone else!!!
    So I tapped back into the that girl and much to my surprise she was still there!!I decided to stop worrying about problems I cant solve and people I cant change. I cant say as though I am as good hearted as Annette yet and praying for people but I have learned to "smile and wave at the animals"as we say in our house.
    I have always believed there is a solution to every problem but when I was drinking I couldnt figure out the solution becuase I couldnt remember the problem HAHA!!!
    My point is... I just lightened up and accepted the reality that what is is. The sun still shines whether I want it to or not so why not enjoy it!!!

  3. I'm doing great! Per my homegroup, I'll have 5 months on Sunday (I sometimes look at it as 1 year, almost 5 months minus 3 days, but know that it's not "continuous"). I'm currently working on Step 8 with my sponsor. Have been talking with some people who really want to get sober and sharing my experience, strength & hope with them as often as I can. I am in a wonderful place right now....seems like everything is clicking. But I'm always mindful of that day when things aren't gonna be "clicking" and things will go wrong or be difficult - I'm prepared - it's not always roses :) I feel so much better not drinking - I have more energy, creativity, interest in other people & things; sobriety & my program have made me want to give to others more than focus on myself.....and I like it - I actually love it.

    I hope everyone's doin okay and don't forget to reach out on here if you need some support, have a question, or just plain need to vent....we are all here for one are not alone.

    Hope everyone has a wonderful weekend!

  4. Good for you Anonymous - sounds like you are on the right track! I'm so happy to read your comment - made my day! We can't obsess about things that are out of our control and we can't change people. I love your part about trying to find the solution to a problem when you were drinking and then you couldn't remember the problem - oh how I remember those times.

    Anyway, keep on keepin on and you will eventually get to the point where you'll pray for someone instead of resent them or be filled with takes time, and trust me, I'm not perfect by any means....I still get so pissed off I can't see straight, and I don't always do the next right thing, but I try and that's all we can do in this TRY.

  5. Good for you courageous ladies!

    I shall never forget a meeting that a man said that when he stopped drinking he had to learn to behave like a human being.

    Yesterday I thought of an actor with a serious addiction of alcohol and cocaine. Later that day I read on a newssite that he was in a hospital because of an overdose!
    He participated in "Celebrity Rehab" and his story helped me to stop drinking. His withdrawel looked like mine. When I saw that episode I cried. Later on I was finally able to share that with others.
    I told them that I was an alcoholic, the drinking 24 hours for days and the withdrawel-nightmare afterwards.
    But... they did not believe me. They saw me as a charismatic woman, running four days in the week, a hard working health-freak. No way that I could be a drunk.
    But....I believe myself and that I am an alcoholic.

    I pray for his best recovery. God only knows how that is going to be.

    I think by reading your stories that at the end of the day everything reflects to yourself.
    You can pray for everybody but in my opinion the most effective way is praying for yourself.
    If I am happy and full of energy the giving and sharing flows naturally.

    My wish to you all is to have a wonderful sober weekend!