Monday, May 2, 2011

Thinking, never a good thing

I was thinking (never a good thing) that maybe I just need to get laid...hehehe. I'm not really joking, but I didn't want to offend anyone (sorry Mom)

I am in and out of a funk theses days, and trying to use the up times as best as I can. But you know what I've figured out? One of the most amazing things sobriety has taught me is that I know this to shall pass. It is not permanent and things will get better, they always do.


  1. I just finished praying for extra patience as this new puppy's neediness, time and effort too shall pass and things will get easier. I feel like my entire world has been turned upside down since we got this 9 wk old sweet, loving mini-dachshund. I am constantly looking all over the house for her (as she only weighs 2.9 lbs.)...constantly taking her outside to potty (gotta love potty training)...and keeping her away from my oldest dog as she is not taking to the new baby well at all (thankful my boys don't fight, growl & bite one another as often as these 2 do)....This too shall pass and before I know it, she will be a year old, going in and out of her doggie door to potty like the others and will be best buddies with our other 2 doggies....I just have to be patient right now and do what I know is right for her and keep things in perspective.

    Em - if you need to get laid - get know best what you need :)'re exactly right....this too shall pass. You're in a funk and I'm in a funk - heck, I think everyone I know is in a funk of some kind right now...we'll all get through it :)

    Happy Day to everyone!

  2. GET LAID, it couldn't hurt!!!

    I'm thinking of you, my husband is in a really dark place with his depression, he is a complete mess, so if you getting laid will help, please do..then blog about it, LOL!!

  3. Down doggielover, down.....not sure we want her to blog "too" much about it...or did this blog go x-rated and I wasn't aware....lmao :)

  4. Hi, Doggie Lover; I'm sorry to hear of your husband's depression. He's getting treated for it, right? (My husband suffered from a situational depression a few years ago; treatment helped).

    I'm having major problems with our teenager (13). Smoking in the downstairs bathroom and then LYING about it??!? You think we couldn't SMELL it??!?? And then finding a funny pipe hidden in his bedroom?!??!?!??! Please, please God give me the strength to not won't help...

  5. I'm also praying for you to have God's won't do your son or you any good to drink, especially during this difficult time with your teen. My oldest is almost 14, but I smoke and he hates it, but then again, when I was his age, I hated my parents smoking too....and then started smoking. Hopefully your son will listen to you and realize what a bad decision it is to smoke and use other things that aren't good for you. I'll keep you and your son in my prayers. Hang in day at a time :)

  6. Wow! We could we have a real talk talk about the getting laid subject and solve alot of problems!! But I think there are limits on that.haha.
    I know this sounds odd but do you find some time to read? I ask because once my alcohol fogged mind cleared up,I started reading again.(I gave it up because I couldnt retain anything!)I dont read books about fantasies(although that could help you in the sex dept.)I read books about peoples experiences in life. Like Robert Fulgham he has 8 books out and theyre about little lessons he has learned throughout his simple yet well lived life.
    I find that there is always a common bond between people like us who fight every day to be normal and the rest of the world who we look at as normal! That bond is that we all question our ability to be able to do more,be better,be nicer,be happier,make more money and so on.
    Reading is just a suggestion.It works for me.

  7. Okay... Emily, your thought in getting "laid" is really a desire to be loved. As you know best. No, from other posts here which say do what you need... I say No to that... You are better than a simple relationship - As we all know ... we are better off alone than with someone who is wrong -Simply, giving yourself away will always cost you - I suspect you already know and live this- We all vent...;)