Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Sometimes I Forget

Tonight I went to an event where I shared about what I do. As I was sharing I was a bit amazed by my own story. I get so stuck in the day to day grind that I forget to step outside myself to appreciated the opportunities that I have been given to help people. And though it took courage, and strength, what I have given I have recieved back 10 fold.

There were times in the last year that I wanted to give up. I didn't really want to drink, but I defiantly didn't want to get off the couch. Knowing that you guys were waiting for me to post helped get me out of myself. Thank you.


  1. You are encouragement! Not only not to drink because it does get better. But also, your frankness on life's daily's that we all have - yet with struggle you choose LIFE - trying each day to live it more fully. Love that - it encourages me for one. Thank you...

  2. Thanks for choosing to get up everyday and keep this blog going....for choosing to get up everyday and work hard for yourself, Gav & Beau....for choosing sobriety over a horrible life of drunkenness....and thanks for being my friend since I found you in 11/09 - you truly are an inspiration to many my dear & we love ya!