Sunday, May 29, 2011

Sobriety Sunday

"When you get to the end of your rope. tie a knot and hang on." Franklin Roosevelt

If you are in pain, or fear or any of the other countless uncomfortable emotions... hang on tight they will pass. If there is one constant in life it is change.

I hope everyone is having a WONDERFUL weekend! And if you are not know it will pass, it always does.


  1. Thank You Emily,
    I hope the reason Annette did not guest post on Sunday was because of the negative remarks by some negative people. Sometimes getting it all out there is good for the soul!!!

  2. I missed Annette's guest post on Sunday and I hope the reason she did not guest post was NOT because of the negative remarks by some negative people. I hope it was because she was having a wonderful holiday weekend somewhere with friends and family.

  3. Anon 5:55 p.m. - You are correct :) I was at our condo at the Lake with family & friends enjoying the weather, boating, swimming, tubing and wakeboarding. Sometimes our internet connection is spotty down there.....I'll be back next Sunday.

    Hope everyone had a wonderful Memorial Day weekend. Thank you to all who have served/are serving our country. I know that I am proud that I served this beautiful country for 8 years and today stand tall behind the current troops who risk their lives everyday to ensure our freedom.

    Hugs to all!