Sunday, May 22, 2011

Sobriety Sunday

Alcohol's Disastrous Promise

I have some promises I'll make to you
If you will do what I want you to do.
The more that you consume of me
The more will your losses be.
Here are the promises to you I make
And I promise the promises never to break.

I promise to take your money, your home
And all you can get in the way of a loan.
I'll take your character, your reputation too
Your good name, I'll take from you.
Your friends I'll take from you one day
Your family from you I'll turn away.
I'll take your car, I'll take your wealth
I'll take your job, I'll take your health.
I'll cause you to stay out in the rain.
I'll take your credit, I'll take your bail
I'll cause you to sleep in a dirty jail.

I'll cause you regret, remorse and pain
I'll cause your name to go down in shame.
I'll bring you misery, I'll bring you woe
I'll bring you trouble more than you know.
I'll take your clothes and pawn them too
The necessities of Life, I'll take from you.

I'll take from you the days, I'll take from you the years
I'll double the flow of your bitter tears.
I'll take your heart, give you one of stone
I'll cause you to walk through life alone.
I'll take away your desires to live aright
Your light of day, I'll turn to night.

I'll cause you to dishonor your mother and dad
I'll take away all the pleasure you could have had.
I'll turn your love for your friends to hate
Your desire to repent will come too late.
Your road to despair for you I'll pave
I'll cause you to fill a premature grave.

I'll put you in an institution for the insane
Your normal thinking will go down the drain.
I'll cause you to murder your very best friend
I'll trouble your mind to the very end.
I'll bring you contention, I'll bring you strife
I'll finish with you by taking your life........
Author Unknown

This poem was handed out in my homegroup the nite after my last relapse and it really hit home with me. During my time in the program, I had seen a man that all of alcohol's promises had come true for except death - he was living under a bridge after losing everything and everyone the day he walked into his 1st meeting. I have seen a woman in my group that had lost all of her friends, and I do seriously mean ALL of her friends....she only had her mom and dad left - no one else wanted ANYTHING to do with her. I've seen people in those rooms that haven't suffered any consequences thus far.....but chose to stop drinking before the consequences mentioned in this poem started coming true for them. I've seen all kinds of different people in the rooms I visit and they are all in very different stages of this extremely progressive disease.

I wanted to share this with everyone today, cuz it opened my eyes wider and I think about it often....I even use it as a bookmark in my BB so it's there to remind me all the time.

I'm off to the ballpark....AGAIN......hoping for another Huskies win - hmmmm, I'm a poet & didn't even know it :)

Hope everyone had a wonderful weekend and I can't wait to hear everyone's comments - good & bad, of course - on my post today.

Hugs & Love to Everyone!

Annette - Guestposting for Em

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  1. Annette,
    Thank you for posting that poem!!! Its a keeper!!! I was told by a very wise woman to always remember that place....that place where you were on the day you knew you had to start over. That feeling of despair and disgust with the person you couldnt stand and could no longer love. One has to close their eyes, dig deep and go back there for a brief moment before they decide its ok to have "just one."
    That place is a dark and lonely one that few people ever visit with you because they have made a choice to not enter.
    This poem takes us there and we can easily see all of the faces that look the same. The eyes that used to hold beautiful secrets and dreams now hold an empty gaze. I could go on and on but I dont really like that place anymore and I am glad to not be on the guest list!!!