Tuesday, May 17, 2011

{Name Withheld}

and I are friends again. His fiancee broke-up with him and broke his heart (Yes, I've made a few karma cracks, but only a few) He was best friend and I missed him terribly. I am glad to have him back in my life. We are very sensitive to each others boundaries...like I'll be talking about new guy and he'll be like k..k..k or vice verse. We want to know about each others lives, but all of the intimate details...not so much.

Why are we not together? Because he drinks...a lot:(


  1. ok...I am happy that you 2 are friends again, but please be careful sweetie - no big decisions or drastic moves w/out lots of considerations - maybe he'll decide to stop drinking....now THAT would be great :) Happy that you're happy - and hope you're smiling more! xoxo

  2. I'm with Annette, be conscience of not losing yourself, your sobriety is strong and you don't want to close a door on a positive relationship.

    Good luck to you, Karma is always so good!!

    Have a great day!!

  3. I've been there and it's a ticking time bomb. Please, be careful. Surely you must have other friends who support you. I feel that you will be spending all your time encouraging him. Have you really revealed all of this to your sponsor?

  4. If he is still drinking...who is he liking the most? You or the bottle? Because there is no option for you and the bottle.
    When someone really likes/loves you than he doesn't want to confront you (being a non-drinking alcoholic) with his drinking.

    Emily, please wake-up. Karma his everything to do with taking responsibility for your own actions.
    Karma has nothing to do with acting out of depency or co-dependency.

    A few days ago you mentioned that you were having trouble with co-dependency.
    So here it is: Co-dependency is as big as his life staring at you.
    It can fill your life 24 hours/day but at the end it gives you nothing than a lot of pain.
    You can't heal him.
    If he really wants a good contact with you than he should get sober and not crying out on your shoulder because another woman has hurt him.

    In my opinion is he giving you a chance to solve Karma by setting him straight and at the same time setting yourself straight.

    You are such a sweet person and deserve so much better. It is up to you to feel that inside you.

    Love, light and lots of healing energy.