Tuesday, May 24, 2011

My Favorite Part

The other day I was sharing with a friend my favorite part of sobriety...my very favorite part is being able to stay in the moment.

I told him the exact moment when I understood that through recovery I had received a gift I call -moments-

Gavin and I were in the hot tub playing. He was doing the whole "Watch me"..."Count how long I can hold my breath"..."Let's play ----" and I did, and I loved it and I didn't want to be anywhere else in world. I wasn't needing to run to fridge to get a beer, or a smoke. I wasn't obsessing over alcohol or wanting to be on the phone drunk dialing. I was completely in the moment. It was amazing. I often use the saying "Right now, right at this moment there is absolutely nothing wrong" On that day that I really actually "got" what being in the moment meant not only was there nothing wrong, but everything in my world was right.

Now don't get me wrong I can't always stay in the moment. In fact sometimes I am so far out of it that it's ridiculous. But I know, I know how wonderful it is to be right in the moment. It is truly where the magic is:)


  1. I truly believe that that is the key - mindfulness! Thanks for the post

  2. I dont mean this negative so if anyone is in a bad mood, dont take it wrong!!
    I just think its amazing that it takes one wrong statement to start a wildfire of negative comments then everyone disappears for days!! Doesnt anyone have anything good going on to share? I mean this is considered a huge party weekend. A few words of wisdom from our community would be encouraging.
    Heres mine "dont forget who you were while you are busy being who you are"

  3. I am not surprised by the silence, given the uncalled-for negativity that came from several people recently. I keep in touch privately with a couple followers of this blog, and we are all shocked and in disbelief by what was written. Emily is correct: we must all be nice. When she first took the monitor off several months ago (which allowed her to read any posts before they were published) she asked all of us to "be kind" to one another. That advice still applies, in my opinion. There is nothing to be gained by the negativity that appeared here recently. I -- and others -- have concerns that the unprovoked negativity can turn off some folks looking for a safe place to work on their sobriety. And what a shame that would be.

    I hope Annette will still be guest blogging this Sunday. However, I can certainly understand if she wishes not to, given recent events, not the least of which is the onslaught of tornados she and her family have been subjected to.