Monday, May 16, 2011

Great Program, Great Friends

My sober friends are saving my life these days. As I'm sure you can tell I've been in a great big funk. Like a dragging myself off the couch kind of funk. It has been going on for longer that I am comfortable with and it's wearing me out.

But you know what? Tonight I feel like the most blessed girl on earth. My friends caught it. One asked me to do coffee today out of the blue, and another asked me to go work out with her. They caught it, they caught that I was only pretending to be okay.

I guess what I actually learned today is the importance of a home group. The people in my home group know me, and even when I don't talk about what's actually going on they can tell. I am blessed to have them in my life!


  1. I really understand where you are coming from and I am so glad you have supportive friends. It is nice to have a home group who can "call" you on stuff. I know people who tell me to always have a home group because when you jump around to much your not in with the group & people don't know how to help you, because they don't know you.

    Finding a home group is a great message to new comers and old timers who need a little help.

    Have a great day Emily and I am glad you are doing better!!

    Lots of Love!!

  2. I so agree Em! I went to a beginner's meeting last nite at my home group, which I haven't been to in like 4 weeks cuz of end of school stuff and baseball. I walked in and everyone was whoopin & stuff and it was like coming home to much missed family. After the meeting everyone expressed that they'd been worried about me, but could see that I appeared to be in a great place and working hard on my steps...(step 8 to be exact). It was soooo good to see them all and catch up...I know I will definitely be there again next Monday - can't miss too many mtgs cuz they keep me sober and I help to keep them sober.....LOVE MY HOME GROUP!!!!

    So glad that you're getting out & about and feeling better - can't wait to see you in July!!!