Thursday, April 28, 2011

Thank you

Thank you guys for your love, support, and suggestions on yesterday post. I have a great doctor and will be seeing her this month.

I have found that even with the right doctor, and the 'right' meds. that funks still happen. There not as brutal, nor do they last as long, but they do still happen. When I first got sober I had this idea that if I did everything perfect my life would be all rainbows and sunshine and most days it is, but it takes rain to have rainbows. So I guess that's how I'll look at the down days, there just cloudy rainy days that I need to go through to get back to the rainbows and sunshine.


  1. So true- funks DO still happen. I find that I have to trust that I will get thru it and sometimes taking a shower helps! Seriously, something about letting the water roll off my back, literally.

    I know that when I feel funky or edgy it is often the enemy trying to attack me, meaning that God has something really great in store next.

    Thank you for your honesty!

  2. Hi Emily,

    For me, I can & shall never forget you.
    You are so clean & clear in your struggle to find the thruth about yourself.

    Love & lots of light

  3. Emily,
    This is probably going to be taken in a negative way so I will apolagize before hand. Whether you choose to accept my apolagy is up to you. So I will just say it...Why do you disappear from your own web sight for days at a time? I say this because there are alot of people out here in ciber space that look forward to hearing from you, whether it is good or bad. When you post things such as the funk you are in,people (such as myself)wonder if you are ok. This is not to say I am wrapped up in your life but that I am greatful to have found this sight. In the begining of my sobriety I will admit that I clung to the words of wisdom shared on here.I found the honesty of the good,bad and ugly somewhat comforting. Just knowing that I wasnt alone in my confusion was helpful. I looked forward to the quotes and responses of the community. Believe it or opened the doors in the attic of my mind to shed light on things that other people never spoke of.
    Reality is....I understand how busy you are and this is not to put pressure on you...simply to say..If you ever wondered whether you have made a posative difference in someones life...the answer is yes. So when you jump off this"ship of fools"(awesome grateful dead song)just remember to swim back!
    I hope all is well with you and your family.
    Whatever happened to the guy you were dating?

  4. Thank you guys. Your support means the world to me.

    As for that guy I was dating, those were red flags, and I was sober and healthy enough to catch them. Thanks for asking:)