Sunday, April 10, 2011

Sobriety Sunday

It has come to my attention that I may be getting complacent in my program. I go to the same meetings, talk to the same people, do the same thing. It is stunting me. I know I need to mix it up a bit. The way can usually tell that I'm getting complacent is I stop hearing the message. And it's only a matter of time that I then start letting old behaviors slip back in. Such as slacking on meetings, and hiding from my sponsor. I know better, but it still takes me being in a decent amount of emotional pain to do something about it. The word in the rooms is it's Progress not Perfection...good thing:) What are you working on in your sobriety?


  1. Emily
    This one is HUGE.. Landed me in a relapse following five years. And the real thing to get about this is that it can happen so slowly, insidious, cunning, you know.

    Ya, the MOMENT I hear myself contemplating about "suiting up and showing up", about tossing around the idea of not going ( after all I am SUCH a busy VIP ) then I know I'm headed for some shakey ground.

    I have to continuously walk into unfamiliar territory challenging myself

    We're blessed to have those folks out there who love us enough to "warn us" when we're potentially in danger

  2. It's hard to remain active in the program, especially when we feel so confident in our abilities. After all, "I haven't drank in X amount of days, months, years, etc..." I relapsed when I was actively participating in my program, but I let stress and bs minutia get to me. I didn't turn things over to God, instead I thought I was in control and could handle things myself. Epic fail. Be strong, friend, show up for yourself. You are important.

  3. I do not know how long you have sober. I have been over 8 years now. I belong to an online group called Women for Sobriety. I read lots of posts by lots of women who become complacent in their recovery. Take good care of yourself, ok?

  4. Nothing gets me out of myself more than reaching out to a newcomer. I may want to be complacent with my own program but no way am I going to allow myself to be complacent when working with my sponsees!