Thursday, April 21, 2011

More, more, more

Our disease is sometimes called the disease of "always wanting more" We pushed ourselves to get as much pleasure as we could. If one was good, two was better. We didn't see that what we were lacking was faith. At times in recovery we still crave "more" We must pay attention to these cravings. When we have these cravings maybe we are scared and our Higher Power is trying to tell us that, if we have faith, we'll be taken care of. Perhaps our Higher Power just has a message of love for us. All we need to do is listen. It maybe that this is the only "more" we really need. -Keep it Simple

I don't know about you but for me one of anything was NEVER enough. It still isn't. I am a total more, more, more girl. More food, more love, more clothes, more what ever will make me feel better. Even if it makes me feel horrible later on. I have to constantly watch to make sure I don't pick up new addictions. My moderation button is totally broken. But I do know this the closer I stay to God, and the harder I work my program the easier it is to find balance in my life.

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  1. I too am a more, more, more person. Once I like something, I always seem to go overboard with it. Gambling, drinking, drugs, eating, dieting, exercising, hobby of the month - the list is neverending. I never really saw it before I got sober, but I really see it now that I am. My approach to life in sobriety is more of livin in the moment, not getting too excited and amped up over things, remaining calm and just trying to be myself. When I start to feel myself going overboard on something, I actually say to myself "Annette, slow down - what are you doing?" and that small tactic seems to work for me.