Sunday, April 24, 2011

Hoppy Easter....


  1. Happy Easter back at ya Em and to everyone that follows here! I just got home from having Easter dinner at my Mom's house and then we drove to Richmond, Missouri to pick up the newest addition to our family....Bendy, a 9 wk old minitaure dachshund. We named her Bendy because she has a bend at the end of her tail that makes her very unique.

    That said, I've been very, very busy today. But wanted to let everyone know that Emily has asked me to start Guest Posting every Sunday and I was going to begin today, but I'm currently getting the new puppy adjusted to our 2 other dogs, etc., etc, so I will begin next Sunday. Hope everyone had a very happy Easter filled with love, friends and family! I know I did :)

  2. Hi, Annette --

    I'm delighted to hear you will be guest posting on a weekly basis! (Kind of like Jay Leno hosting The Tonight Show every Friday night when Johnny Carson was still hosting -- the best of both worlds!).

    Anyway, I would appreciate sometime reading your thoughts on getting your teenage kids (or any family member) to forgive you for being an alcoholic when you are becoming sober.

    Thanks --

  3. That's gonna be my topic on Sunday! Thanks for your support! This new puppy is wearing me out!

  4. To Doggie Lover --

    Isn't today your one-year sobriety date? If I'm remembering correctly, congratulations!!!

    Maybe you can guest post soon about how you did it, what the year was like, give advice to others, etc.?

    I'm really proud of you -- I'm working on achieving a one-month date, so you are an inspiration to me.

  5. Anonymous, Your so sweet!!

    Today is my 1 year!! I am so thankful to Emily and Annette and everyone here. I did it and you all can too.

    Funny thing is my husband isn't in a good lace right now and I expected him to be happy for me, make a little fuss. NOTHING!! We all just have to remember that this disease is about us, our drinking, how it takes control over us, and how when we turn it over is when it starts to get better. So, even though he's in his own stuff, I can be o.k. with my achievement, but it is ONLY 1 day, and everyone woke up this morning able to say I have 1 more day of sobriety!

    take care!!

  6. Happy 1 year Sweetie!!!! I'm so incredibly proud of you!...and grateful to have you in my life :) Love ya girl!