Wednesday, April 27, 2011


God, I am super sick of it. I am co-occurring, which means I am a alcoholic and clinically depressed. It sucks. And seems to really kick up when the weather changes. I am sure there's some scientific reason why, but I have no clue what it is.

During my drinking days my depression was completely manic and I ran around like a crazy girl. In sobriety I just sleep, and sleep, and sleep. Have you ever seen the commercial where the depressed women has to wind herself up? That's how I'm feeling these days.

Please share your solution for when your in a funk.



    Sorry, don't know how to do "links"
    But can I EVER tell you "what it is"
    Because I suffer from it = SAD
    Seasonal Affective Disorder. There are some things that help (see article) I encourage you to read up on it - there is so much literature on the internet.

    But, I'll share with you what I do.
    Eat healthy and not after 6:00 pm
    And I go to the tanning salon (please - no emails; I'm well aware of the risks, but when weighed out, its what works for me)
    Finally, be kind to yourself; really, indulge in the things you really enjoy.

    It will pass.
    I have known of people, though, who have had to move away from , say , Seattle, or here, in the midwest where Jan - March can be overbearing.

    Hopefully researching this will be just the thing that makes you feel better,
    There's power in knowledge!!!!

  2. My humble opinion:

    You need to visit with your family physician. I did about 3 years ago -- wasn't sleeping well, had several stressful issues, etc. I was clinically depressed BECAUSE of a lack of estrogen (due to my age). But that can also happen to women in their 30s or 40s. Estrogen is a drug critical to our bodies. It can affect our serotonin levels, which affect our ability to sleep and our moods.

    Different doctors will give you different prescriptions: my family doctor (only sleep medication like Ambien CR to help you sleep unless you feel like you will "kill your husband" in which case he will prescribe HRT; the sleep specialist prescribed an anti-depressant to increase the serotonin levels to be able to sleep; my OB/GYN prescribed HRT to restore the hormones so that I acted normally.

    I did HRT for awhile but didn't like the side effects so am now on an anti-depressant. Feel much better.

    I also now use a "blue light" for sun therapy in the morning. And take Vitamin D (also for the sunlight effect: there is a new study back East finding that "white" Americans who suffer from cancer at a young age are almost always deficient in Vitamin D, which affects every cell of your body!)

  3. Hi Emily I am so sorry for your pain. I only know about the depression my husband suffers from and it is CRIPPLING!!! I also do know that my vit.D was SUPER low, (17), I think it should be about 35, anyway, it makes you feel really tired and my Dr. gave me some prescrip. doses to boost my levels. I really am not a Dr, but I think you should go see someone, maybe your Dr. then get referred to a therapist or someone who can diagnose you and make sure your on the right meds. You know as well and anyone that alcoholics drink/drank because a lot of the time we try to escape "feelings". Well, you still didn't escape it when you were drinking and now you just can't pass out to get rid of them.

    please see a doctor!! We love you, you shouldn't suffer, NO ONE SHOULD SUFFER!!

  4. The solution is to see your family physician (at least some of the above posts said the same) and to be 100% honest about your symptoms and your history. You have to do it -- and you will not regret it!

    And this needs to be done ASAP.

  5. I agree, go see your doctor. I take anti-depressants and found out within the last year that I too have severely deficient Vit D levels. I've been taking a pretty large dose of Vit D for a year now and my levels are back up to where they need to be and I feel less depressed and have more energy. Go see your doc girl....ASAP!!!!

  6. "The solution is to see your family physician (at least some of the above posts said the same)"

    I am the first person to agree with total compliance with your family physician!

    The question was "please share your solution"
    Many are not aware of SAD, I shared MY solution and was very clear that IT IS WAS WORKS FOR ME

    that's all

  7. I can relate. I'm recently diagnosed bipolar at 7 years sober. It has been a very difficult few months to say the least. I'm utilizing county help and my psych appt for medications is next week. I am relieved it is finally happening. This is not fun without the medication piece.

    I have to push myself to fight every day, but push I do. I am fighting for my life, just as I did when I got sober. So I treat this the same.

    I seek support. I follow suggestions. I follow the advice of my therapist. I do at least one thing each day that I don't want to do but that I know will help me get through the day.

    I rely on the fact that if I could get and stay sober, I can do this as well. I CAN and I WILL recovery from this.

    You will to. Just take the next right actions, even when you do not want to.

  8. I agree with the above. Seek help from people who know best. Eat healthy. Exercise to get endorphins going. Seek sun therapy. Do it all. Mostly, cling to truths in scripture. Get on your knees. Recently doing a Bible Study about Jonah and how we can look at life interruptions as "God interventions." I suffered from some depression in pregnancies. It's hard to do all this when you are in that spot. I do believe the Lord really reaches us when we are at our depths. So, try your best to cling to him during this time so you can grow all the more in your relationship with Him..