Saturday, March 12, 2011

Why am I up?

I work at at the Farmers Market on Saturdays...early...I love it...but again, early. It's kinda of my nitch. I sell more than anyone else. I think it is because I love the people at the Farmers Market. They are mostly all about health and the enviroment. A pretty neat group of people. But again it's early.


  1. Good morning, friend-

    Just checking in- hope your day is super fabulous!!

  2. Good Morning Em, Mommaof3 and everyone else! Had a great nite with the family last nite at the Big 12 semi-finals last nite....Rock Chalk Jayhawk - KU is in the Championship AGAIN this year playing Texas tonite....Go Jayhawks (where I went to college).

    Hope everyone has a beautiful, super sober day! Hugs to everyone!!!!

  3. To all early birds a happy sober 24 hours!

    Lots of energy!