Saturday, March 26, 2011


I am a cranky, pmsing, nightmare today. Soooo flipping cranky. I
flipped my shit on my wasbeen (xhusband) he really is a douche, but
most days I deal with it with atleast a little bit of grace. Not so
much today. It may be good for the kids that we live blocks away from
each other, but it wears on the nerves after awhile.

I haven't been to a meeting today. I'm thinking hitting one would
probley be a good idea, before I end up hitting something else.
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  1. Deep breath in...phoooooooooo, now let it out.....ahhhhhhh......this too shall pass my friend :) Go catch a meeting and try to get to bed early to get some extra rest....tomorrow is a new day! xoxo

  2. Work on Annette's suggestion, it'll come in handy when you hit menopause (pms times a bazillion)...

  3. Feelin ya sister!!
    My ex is a town over - one country over would suit me so much better
    Hope ya caught the meeting; cheers for recognizing you needed one

  4. Emily, maybe a meeting is what you could use. Or even a phone call to another member in A.A. I just eaned six years on my sons "B" day, which was on Sun the 26th. Serenity prayer! Good Luck Emily. This to shall pass.