Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Sharing our Wisdom

If you know me in real life you know I'm kind of quiet. At least most of the time. Excluding my Mom and BF Mike I really keep a lot to myself. I think they both wish I would spread it out a little...hehehe...but anyway, while I was drinking I had this totally need to be heard. It was obnoxious. I've always sort of had a message, but drunk the delivery on any message is usually poor. And the fact I was a loud, angry, mean drunk didn't help, at all.

So now in sobriety I get that most of what my gift is is to listen and relate. I didn't go through what I've been through in life in vain, I went through it for it to turn into wisdom to help others. I think that is why any of us go through hard times, to help other people get through theirs. Deep right?! :)


  1. Deep right you are!

    Sharing our experiences can help others on their road through life.
    We share a mutual problem but we are and stay different people.

    When I was drunk I hid myself in my house and kept still. Completely different from your acting out.

    I am happy now. I went through lots of emotional pain while recovering before I began to feel lighter and more free.
    I could fight my way out because I knew that there would be an end to all that pain.

    Have a happy sober day with your Self!

    Lots of love & light.

  2. I feel the same way Em...when I was drinking, I had to be the center of attention...what I had to say was the most important thing, and if someone tried to interrupt me or overtalk me, I just got louder.

    These days, I too find myself listening a lot more. I sit back and "listen, really take it in, process it" before saying anything.....much different than my instant blurted out response when I was drinking. I really find this new characteristic helpful too me when I take meetings into the local detox centers. I'm more able to offer hope & suggestions to the patients after I've kept completely quiet and listened to what they've been through and what they've had to say and to how they feel. Then I wait after the meeting to see if anyone in particular makes eye contact with me, maybe too shy to come over to me and "then" I strike up a conversation. So far I've had two women from different detox groups come to meetings at my home group...one of them is like 39 days sober and she's an incredible lady! Taking these meetings into the detox seems to really inspire me and make me want to work my program 100%. It feels good!

    Happy Tuesday to everyone - xoxoxoxo

  3. Having read your postings I can relate to what you are writing.
    For me coaching people on the road of recovery helped me in my own process.
    The most important thing is being heard and being seen without judgement.
    When I asked for help my sponsor gave that to me, I learnded to give it to myself and now I am able to give that to others.

    Love & light & lots of healing energy.

    Have a happy 24h!