Thursday, March 24, 2011

Let it Go

This morning I was watching Joyce Meyer and she said something that totally caught my ear. She was talking about letting it go and she said "You let it go by not talking about it, or thinking about it." So true when we think, and think, and think about something we are feeding it, and what you feed grows. Same goes with talking, and talking and talking about something. I get what she was saying when we turn something over to God, we need to leave it over there, in his hands. And move about our business trusting that he will take care of it.


  1. What a great post for me today Em......I just completed my 4th Step - WooHoo....I never thought I'd get through it....and WOW do I feel so much better, lighter, relieved...I literally just finished it minutes it took me a year and 3 months + 3 one day relapses....but I've finally written it ALL down - very thoroughly and honestly. I feel good! Doing Step 5 with my sponsor on Sunday and I'm sure I will feel much better after sharing everything with her and God - can you tell how excited I am??? I hope for this feeling for everyone that follows your blog and is struggling with sobriety or in too can have this wonderful feeling....if you work for it!

    Happy day to everyone and remember to "let it go"!!!

  2. Annette, YEAH!!!!! I am so happy for you!! It really is a wonderful thing to write it down and let it go!!

    So proud of you, what a wonderful example you are to us all!!

  3. Why, does an alcoholic feels so quilty?
    They are just very sensitief people who are learning to cope with the signals.

  4. Anon 3:54 - I can only tell you why I felt guilty...driving my kids around while drinking; lying to my husband who asked me "please, please don't drink when I'm out of town and you're alone with the kids" and I did anyway; waking up the next morning feeling like crap... restless & irritable with everyone around me because I knew in my heart that I drank too much the night before; secretly spending lots of money on booze without my husband knowing how much I spent; not following through on promises I had made to others because I was either too drunk or too hungover to; yelling at my kids when I was drunk because I didn't want them interrupting my drinking.....oh my - I could go on and on and on....but what I'm doing with Step 4 is putting all of this down on paper, owning it, realizing that it is a truth (albeit an ugly truth) in my life and now I will share it - out loud - with my sponsor and God. I will "let it all go" by turning all of my guilt, shame, remorse, resentment, fear, etc. over to God.....and then I will be free within myself to continue moving forward in my sober life. That's my story of why I felt so guilty....hope this helps!

    Rock Chalk Jayhawks - Go KU.....the only team - and yes, my FAVORITE team - still left standing in my bracket. Happy Friday to everyone!

  5. Annette: Sobriety is all about being humble.
    In my opinion are all your postings so overpowering.
    This is Emily's weblog but many times I think that I am responding to Annette's weblog.
    I don't want to put you down because I have my life to attend to.
    Today one of my friends lost his life by a driver who was under the influence of alcohol.
    It maked me humble that his wife doesn't blame me or rejects me because of my drinking past.
    Life is and the only change is how you deal with it now.

  6. Anon 11:08

    I think Annette is a beautiful example of a humble alcoholic. Your opinion of her overpowering postings are you opinion, but MY opinion is that she is very helpful to so many of us out here. Annette and everyone else on this blog are called upon to share and support other alcoholics, whether we are sober now, or still drinking.

    I am so sorry that you lost your friend to a drunk driver. My husbands friend died last summer from 2 drunk drivers hitting him, so I can feel your pain. I am glad that his wife doesn't have any hard feelings towards you, which is nice because you can be there for her and her family in very sad time.

    I know you are busy attending to your life, so sorry if we are all commenting on Em's blog. I just know I would not be sober if it wasn't for Emily & Annette tag team helping me!!! Annette was my sponsor before I even knew what one was. She helped me get through the hard times and I am so thankful!! Without Emily and Annette sharing, along with everyone who shares, I may have not had the strength to go to my 1st real meeting last April. I will be sober, God willing April 26th for 1 whole year, and the 2 people on the top of my list to thank are Annette & Emily!!!!

    Love you all!!!

  7. Doggielover - I love ya girl and thank you so much for being a huge part of my recovery as well - sooooo proud of you!!!

    Anon - I know what my purpose on this blog is and I will not change the way in which I comment on here. I have never claimed to own Emily's blog. I am merely here to assist her and the other regular readers/commenters in reaching out to the struggling alcoholic and to share my personal story, experience, strength and hope. The program I work with encourages those of us in recovery to carry the message to the alcoholic who still struggles and to help them in any way we can. Trust me, I am more humble than I ever thought was possible.

    Therefore, I think we should agree to disagree, I'll leave your comments alone i.e., won't respond to them and if you wish, you can skip reading my posts/comments. I'm saying this with love and sincerity as I just don't want Em's weblog to turn into some kind of debate/argument forum between myself and anyone else.

    I am truly sorry to hear of the loss of your friend....alcohol can be such a deadly thing, especially when someone is under the influence and operating a 4000-5000 lb vehicle with total recklessness, not thinking of the safety of others. I will keep you and his family in my prayers.

    Hope everyone has a wonderful Spring weekend! It's turned back cold here in Ks and it's even supposed to snow on Monday - YUCK!!!!

  8. Annette, I appreciate your posts and miss hearing from you when you don't write. I also appreciate Doggie Lover's comments. I miss Randy, though...

  9. Thx Anon 6:53....I know I kinda checked out for a while right around the time of my relapses....probably wouldn't have relapsed if I'd stayed current on here, talking with other alcoholics on a regular basis - who knows....but I'm back and my program is stronger than it's ever been, so you'll probably be hearing from me quite a bit...remember, this site helps to keep me sober too :) And I too really miss Randy! It was always good to hear things from a man's perspective and we don't have many men followers (that I'm aware of) right now. Thanks for the support Anon and keep comin back and comment whenever you like...I really enjoy coming to this blog and seeing someone new post a question or comment. Have a great weekend!