Wednesday, March 2, 2011

The Chicago Cubs


  1. This is message of the critical anomynous a week ago. I read your reactions.

    For me it was a big step to do something like that and it only expressed my feeling at that moment.
    Not drinking is a commitment to life like it really is and to be able to deal with that life is a process.

    Thank you for all the support.

    Love & light to you all.

  2. Another reply of the critical anomynous is that I want to return the suggestion that I could have been drinking while writing to the sender(s).
    Have a great sober sunny day.

  3. Anon above....I'm a little confused...are you saying that you were the Anon that posted a week ago the said we were hypocrites and that the site needed to be more about alcoholism and not Em's knight in shining armor? I'm just trying to figure out who you are since we have so many Anonymous commentors.

    But anyway, you are exactly right....just to get on this site and make a comment is a huge step....I remember my very first comment well and I also remember how scared I was of typing it. Not drinking IS a commitment to life....a different type of life...and yes, it takes some getting used to....but for me, it has been well worth it.

    You are correct again in that any of us could be drinking when we post comments.....I know I posted a doozy back during one of my relapses....I read it the next morning and was like "what the hell is that and what does it mean". Got comments from others like "Annette, are you okay?". So my drunk comment was really easy to spot...hopefully I won't be posting any more of those in the future. But it just goes to show that we are all human and that we DO make's what we do after those mistakes that can make or break us. I chose to get right back on the horse of sobriety, and to try my best to continue working my program and move on with life - sure I made a mistake, but I didn't just ignore it and continue to drink myself into oblivion...I chose to take action towards my recovery.

    Thanks for the sunny day's beautiful & sunny here in KC and hope it holds out for the weekend.....but they are predicting a cold front and rain - YUCK!!!

  4. Dear Annette,

    It is not up to me to critize anyone to be a hypocrite. I am sorry if it seemed like I did offend you in that way.
    But I am not sorry that I left a critical message because we were asked to give remarks and nothing is/was done with those remarks.

    We are all just on the way of recovering!

    Have a great sober day!