Sunday, March 20, 2011

Be nice to that man!

After writing the post on the new crush the other day I recieved this email from my mom... 

Emily dear - I read your blog and it sounds like you are twittering about nothing.  He sounds like a nice man and just go with it - you don't have to make any commitments right now - besides you have too much to do to do that.  Sorry I missed your call the other night - I was out for dinner with my friends but I have been thinking about you a lot.  I will call you tonight after I get out of the movies - I am going to see Lincoln Lawyer - Love you lots, Mom

Thank you Mom for your words if wisdom:) xo

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  1. I say "listen to the mama".....they always seem to know best :)

  2. Can I have your mom? :)

    You are surrounded by so many people that love you. So what could go wrong?

    Lots of love & healing energy to you all & especially Emily's mom!

    Sober-living... what a rich way to live a life!

  3. love, Love, LOve this post.. Perhaps, because I am so far away from family and my folks are not electronic - nice to read.
    Ps. You have a loving mama.... and... Is it just me or
    do I see humour in your post ? Not your mom of course but the post - my mom would write if she could something similar - makes me smile- peace