Wednesday, March 9, 2011


Hey guys! I'm alive and well. Just off line right now. Which is fine
because my rent check cleared which was a small miracle performed by
God and my Mom.

I'll write a long post as soon as I get a little time on line. Xo

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  1. Hi there,

    My miracle came by the post this morning. I am getting a lot of money back from paying to much taxes last years. My acountant verified this.
    The last months the bills were given me a lot of tension. In april everything will be paid. I want to move and now I can make plans to do so!

    I am so happy.

    Love & light to you all & enjoy your sobriety!

  2. Can anybody here with experience with Alanon comment on it? If you had a family member who went, was it helpful? What exactly does it do?


  3. I have gone to a few al-anon meetings. I am hardly an expert but I can give you my view of it.

    Al-anon is very similar to AA. It's a 12 step program and I believe the only difference in the 12 steps is admitting that you are powerless over alcohol.

    The people in the program are learning how to live with an alcoholic and what to do and what not to do. For example, don't check up on how much the alcoholic is drinking, remember that we can't control the alcoholic, etc. As you can imagine it requires a tremendous amount of support to be able to do these difficult things.

    My husband was an alcoholic and it takes a tremendous toll on the entire family. Al-anon helps people to deal with the disease.

    From my limited exposure I can tell you that the people in Al-anon are an amazing group and do unbelievably difficult things ... from having the addict arrested, not giving them money or a place to live, etc. All in an effort to help them. As someone who has had both a spouse and child with addictions I can't tell you how difficult that can be. Al-anon helps people with all of these issues and at the same time they learn to live happy lives.

    I've heard some people in Al-anon say that if it wasn't for the program they were sure they would have major health issues as a result of the stress, etc. I've also heard people describe a week where they turned their child into authorities and at the same time they had a good week.

    I know it's always recommended that family members go to Al-anon. I know the professionals I've dealt with feel that I should still be going. I probably just didn't give it enough of a chance but I really couldn't get into the spiritual aspect of it. I also found the repetition of the reading of the steps, etc for the first 15 minutes of every meeting difficult to sit through.

    On the other hand, I found the people to be very welcoming, supportive and the few speakers meetings that I attended I really enjoyed. There was one speaker who was a recovering addict that thanked the people in Al-anon and asked us to keep doing what we do.

    Any family member should give it a try and decide for themselves. When I went to a beginner's group they recommended that you attend at least 6 meetings before you decide whether or not it's for you.

  4. I don't have any info to share regarding Al-anon - sorry, but the above post sounds like some really good info to start off with :)

    I just need to sit down & rave a bit before my 8:00 mtg. Took my youngest (9) to the after school skating party yesterday afternoon and low and behold, he fell and broke his left arm. We rush to the ER only to wait for an hour before we got into a room and then another 2 hrs until the doctor finally came in and said "yes it's broken". In the meantime, my hubby is out of town all week and is calling often for updates, my oldest (13) is calling me from home whining that he needs to bake a cake for a grade the next day and we only have 2 eggs..."when are you comin home Mom and can you stop and get more eggs"...and I was about to pee my pants if these 2 little girls didn't hurry up and get outta the bathroom. Needless to say, it was a crazy, stressful afternoon/evening......but I got through it without taking a drink and was actually pretty dang calm and rational throughout the entire ordeal. I thanked God last nite that I hadn't been drinking or was already drunk...the ER most likely would have taken him away from me. God works miracles and I'm one of them :)

    Thanks for letting me rant a bit....gotta go get ready for my meeting. Hope everyone has a great evening and Spring Break (whenever yours is)...ours began today - Yippee!!!

  5. Thank you Anonymous at 3:09, I appreciate your insight into Alanon. If anyone else has any experience with it (directly or through a family member), I would appreciate hearing about it.

    Annette, I'm proud of you! :)

  6. AA helps me stay sober, about Al-Anon.... I am what you call a "double winner" A member of AA and Al-Anon. Almost my entire family are alcoholics, some drinking and some sober.

    Al-Anon not only helps in dealing with your loved one who has a drinking/drug problem, it keeps the focus on YOU and not the alcoholic. While AA is my foundation, I can honestly say that Al-Anon is responsible for the person I am today in the way that I react to other people.

    I could go on and on about Al-Anon, but the main focus is no matter what the alcoholic in your life is doing or how he/she is acting, you will learn ways of being happy no matter what. You learn tools that help you become "detached with love", tools that help you stop enabling, tools that rebuild your self esteem. Your life doesn't have to be crazy just because you happen to love an alcoholic. If you have a specific question, ask, and I will try to give you a honest answer. (the best to my ability)

  7. Thank you, Cinoda. I might have some specific questions later, and if I do, I will post them under Emily's most recent blog entry.

    Thank you again.