Saturday, February 19, 2011


K, you guys I have some exciting news, is going to be getting an overhaul here pretty soon. As many of you can tell I tried to do it myself, and did nothing but screw it up.

I am totally open to suggestions. Need them actually. I know we need a chat room, but what else.


  1. Before and after pictures, if anyone is brave enough to submit them?

    Quick links to things, such as:

    a list of sayings/thoughts to help someone when fighting cravings (for example, Annette uses the definition of insanity which is very helpful to me);

    things to do when fighting cravings (Emily has posted this a few times before, but it would be great to find it in one spot);

    Emily's article in People magazine.

    Maybe a link to other helpful web sites (for example, Women for Sobriety, etc)?

    Thank you, Emily, for all that you do!

  2. All good suggestions from Anon above. I would also add somewhere that we could share our personal info i.e., email, phone, etc. if we wanted to talk more one on one with someone on the blog...maybe this would just be through the chatroom. Not sure we can do this, but the "program" website where people could go to look for meetings in their area - (not sure we can do that though). Maybe some type of picture album that we could submit pix of ourselves to better get to know one another. Can't think of anything else right now - wait, yes I do....somehow have a "guest blogger" one or two times per month - could be anyone....1 day of sobriety to 3 years of sobriety - just an idea to mix it up a bit.

    Oh, one more thing....maybe a separate file/link where we could post our personal stories so anyone could go there and read our stories if they wanted to instead of having to type it over and over again when someone new starts following the blog.

    Btw....are you EVER gonna go check your PO Box?????

  3. I'd love to be able to view your "Dr. Phil" show. Any chance of that?

  4. Hi Emily,

    Good idea but also a lot of risks!

    I made my own website so I learned from what I saw on other sites.
    When I visit your website I have to scroll a lot. Your picture is very nice but could be smaller.

    The risk of expanding your site is that you take to much responsibility.

    The risk of private mailboxen on your sites is that there is no controlling on what is going on. If have seen a lot of sites, even initiated by rehabclinics, that went down by those mailboxes. After all the visitors are recovering alcoholics and not everyone is succeeding as much as we wish them to do so.
    For me there is a difference in friends and AA-friends for the same reason.
    Some groups went down because it became to personal and the program wasn't clear anymore. The risk is then that people are starting drinking again as my first group did. Three committed suicide and four started and never stopped drinking again. I had left in time without the urge to go drinking.
    We are talking about alcoholics and to much blablablaism can risk lifes.

    In my opinion when you keep it in the open like it is now your site will last.
    Otherwise it could go down faster than you can imagine.
    Personal messages to you like what Susanna is doing to you right now should not be posted here. For this situation she already has your emailadress and it is for no-one elses interest why you don't answer her email.
    So there could be a rule not to put personal messages to you or anyone else on this weblog.

    Relevant links are always alright.
    Helping thoughts: Very good.
    Personal anonymous stories as well.
    No before and after pictures so you don't have to be sorry afterwards.
    In my opinion it is unhealthy if anyone would like to see those pictures. After all you know best how you felt and that cannot be judged by others.
    In the first years of sobriety you take other decisions than later on.

    We are dealing with a life-threatening sickness.
    The process of healing is that first you need a lot of help to recover your own life but then also to take part in the society again.
    This site should represent no more than that.

    I know I have a strong opinion but I have known a lot of people that died of their alcoholism because they started drinking even after many years of sobriety.
    At the end of the day it was always because they/the group did not follow the program any more.

    Love & Light & another happy 24 hours.

  5. Wow - anonymous above brought up so many points that never, ever would have entered my mind. I am feeling totally naive. And it also makes me think that this "problem" I am dealing with/have dealt with for many years is much, much more serious than I like to think. I am not sure I like that reality. It scares me.

    I think what so many of us search for is an alternative to "following the program" which to me means AA and so many of us are not comfortable with that option. Any help/suggestions/alternatives are more than welcome and I, for one, would love to see links and firsthand experiences from others who have had success with a different route. Anyone? I would so appreciate it and I know many others would too.

    Thank you in advance.

  6. Hi Lou,

    Thank you for responding to my strong feelings.
    I am not at all in AA-groups as I am in that AA-program.
    The different-route is not scaring but taking life as it is: Life is what it is and you are the only one to decide how to deal with it.

    The alternative way to follow the program is how it suites your life.
    If you never damaged another/your life, don't have children, started drinking after a terribble trauma, you have no reason at all to start drinking and to get by an admission in a rehab-clinic.