Tuesday, February 22, 2011


How do you know if you are powerless over alcohol? I don't know about you, but trips to jails and institutions was my heads up, along with a few other things on the following list....

Do you forget what you say when you drink? Pass out, black out, pee your pants, have DUI's, lose jobs, families or your self-respect over your drinking, do you know in your heart that you truly are an alcoholic, but continue to drink? Have you tried and tried and tried on your own and failed every time, each time kicking your ass even harder than the time before. Are you a fraction of the person you once were or know your supposed to be. Are you scared shitless that you'll never be able to survive the day, night or week without alcohol, much less ever actually be able to live life happily without it? You are the only one who can decided if you are powerless, but if this list hits home???

There is a solution. But not until you admit your problem.

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  1. It so hard to admit, but if you have a problem & can admit to be powerless, your on your way!!

    I know I am POWERLESS over alcohol. When I was finally honest about that, my life started to change!!