Saturday, February 5, 2011

My Little Drummer Boy


  1. Hi Emily,

    Very nice pictures of America's Next Top Model 2011 and her handsome son!!!

    My thoughts after reading the last bloggings is that a lot of people when they stop drinking are almost euforic in the beginning. At the end of the day the succes is coping with yourself and life without hiding behind a bottle.

    And life is what it is. The only most important impact is how you deal with it.

    I have been looking at my photo's when I was travelling in Egypt. I was already sober for years. I looked energetic, happy and kind.
    Then I looked at pictures in the years of relapses when I was maybe two to six weeks without alcohol. My eyes were not sparkling anymore but looked anxious and very tired.
    No matter what is going to happen I never want to see myself on a photo like that anymore.

    Today I am going to celebrate a happy not-drinking day!
    Love & Light

  2. Hi, Anon -- I don't have the years of sobriety that you have as I'm only in my second week, but I'm already amazed at how much better I feel physically and psychologically. To think it gets better with time is wonderful!

    And Emily, I love your new photo! WOW! In relation to Anon's comment above, do you have a "before" photo you can share?

    And you must be so proud of your son -- what a fine looking young man! I'm assuming he's in school band and this photo was taken before or after a concert?

    Hope everyone has a great day!

  3. One more thing I forgot to mention, Emily -- I also really like how your blog now has a much lighter background instead of black. This gives it a much happier and lighter "feel". :)

  4. Beautiful picture of you Emily!! You look so peaceful. Your son is a cutie!!

  5. Em....I must agree - I really like the new look on here...and of course, you look B-E-A-Utiful in your pic!!!

    Anon - congrats on your 2nd week of sobriety...keep on keepin on proud of you!

    Had an interesting "new" experience this past week....I'll share with everyone later today.

    Hope everyone has a super start to the week and big cyber hugs to all!!!!

    Keepin you in my thoughts & prayers always's so hard to lose a parent - love you girl!