Thursday, February 10, 2011

Morning Meeting

I am up and ready to go to the morning meeting I got sober in. It is
early. I can't believe I got up every morning my first year to go. It
wasn't always pretty. There were days I would fall asleep on the
table, days I looked around the room hating everyone and wondering
what they were laughing about. But most days I understood that the
people in that room where loving me back to life. They showed me hope,
and unconditional love, and a new way to live. When life gets hard it
is where I run. So off I go:)
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  1. I completely understand your need to go back to your home group. I am staying at my mothers house and I am going home this weekend, I can't wait to go to my Saturday meeting & Sunday Meeting. I miss everyone and I need that safe place I think. It is so nice to be able to walk in the door of a meeting and have people who know you, your story and what you need. Good for you for getting up so early!!

  2. I am really beginning to feel the same way about my home group....and it is the safest, most wonderful feeling - I wouldn't trade it for the world!

    Where's everybody at and how's everybody doin? Love hearin what's goin on with everyone :)

    Hugs to all!!!

  3. If you want to make a change, life is almost always challenging you. It is like going on a higher more stronger level in order to keep your balance no matter what.
    Good for you that you have your group and isn't it just as good for them that they have you?

    I am scanning all my photo's of my pre-digital life. Yesterday I put in a slide-show pictures of myself through the years.
    I am very happy that I don't drink while facing my past so I can take the gain of all my experiences for a better future.

    To you all my wishes for a happy sober day!
    Love & light!

  4. I need help from someone please!I am not able go to local meeting.please pray that I will keep my promise to myself that I will never touch alcohal ever again I just hate myself when I have taken too much.Last night I fell and hit back of my head on chair could have been so serious? My wakeup call?.I had been alcohal free for 7 weeks was so proud of myself cant understand what makes one feel need of a drink when dont even like taste ? Any answers please

  5. Is there a way you can see a drug & alcohol specialist? Your reaching out so that's good, but this is an old post. You should post on Emily's post today so you can be seen and people can help you and offer suggestions.

    It must have been scary to have hurt yourself lastnight. I can understand that your scared. Please know your not alone.

    I never liked the taste of alcohol either, but I still drank a bottle of vodka a day!! Please let us know what you need!! We are thinking of yOu. Most of us have been in the same position as you, your not alone!!!

    Thinking of you today, please reach out!!