Tuesday, February 15, 2011

I wish..,

My goal in life is to retire my Mom, so she can happily golf all day.
She's at work right now sick, it pisses me off.
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I love Mom.


  1. I love you, Emily! What a great goal! My Mom too, is awesome. She though
    is fortunately retired and now is able to help me through my second cancer journey. I never could have made it through the first journey with cancer without her, let alone this second journey. She is a HUGE BLESSING!!! I will
    pray that your Mom feels better tonight and that you will achieve your goal
    of retiring her! With love to you!

  2. Emily, I want to thank you for your web site and everyone who posts here. Everyone is so supportive and helpful and honest.

    What brought this to mind is that I just heard the radio interview with Charlie Sheen (http://www.danpatrick.com/2011/02/14/charlie-sheen-talks-about-hitting-at-ucla/) and it sounds so discouraging (he doesn't think he has a problem!). A person with so many gifts and more money than he can ever spend, yet it appears he still needs help. I suspect he would be offended if he saw this, but my heart aches for him.

  3. I truly love your enormous heart Em! Bet your Mom is proud to have a daughter like you :)

    Guccigirl, how's it going? I've been thinkin about ya non-stop and prayin for ya too. Hopefully today was a better day for you. Love ya girl and just take it one day at a time :) Let us know if we can help in any way.

  4. Annette- Thank you for your kind thoughts. I am hanging in there, daily meetings, tears and prayers are my daily routine. I have taken a week off from work to try to get myself together. I appreciate all of you on this blog, I read the updates daily, and they help me greatly.