Tuesday, February 8, 2011

I can't
God can
I think I'll let him.

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  1. Great post Em....Let go & Let God - that's what gives me peace and serenity :)

    So my share from last week. Two members of my home group asked me to go along with them last Wed nite to take a mtg into one of our local hospital's detox unit. It proved to be a great experience for me....sad, depressing, but eye-opening and grateful to be where I'm at today. They shared a bit about themselves and then the 3 of us told our stories, then we took questions very informally. A woman who had just entered the detox earlier that day came up to me after the meeting and said she could really relate to many things from my story, asked where I normally went to meetings and said she'd check it out. Of course, good ol me, always full of expectations, anxiously awaited Monday nite's meeting. However, before I went, I told myself that I needed to quell my expectations about this woman coming to the meeting. If she showed up - wonderful; if she didn't - maybe she'll come to the next meeting, but hopefully she's getting some help somewhere. Sometimes I tend to build up these great expectation of people, things, situations and they never end up going my way and then I get sad, depressed or mad....and then what do I tend to want to do - that's right....DRINK. So I walked in to last nite's mtg with no expectations whatsoever....and there she was. I walked in and was so happy to see her there. We hugged and talked for a bit and did so after the meeting too. It felt good to me to be able to "be there" for someone struggling with alcohol.....I hope I can remain sober, work my program and continue to share my experience, strength & hope with others....it brings a warm, wonderful feeling to my heart.

    Hope everyone is staying warm.....around 5:30 tonite here in KC it was a balmy 1 degree....and now it's snowing - AGAIN. Like one of my home group friends texted me today.....only 29 days till Spring!!!!!

    Big hugs to everyone!!!!

  2. YUCK!!!! Had a drunk dream last nite - woke up feeling the normal feelings....then realized it was JUST a dream. However, I decided to find the positive in it....when I got on my knees this morning, I thanked God for putting a drunk dream in my sleep last nite. It helped to remind me that the awful feelings I had this a.m. when I woke up are VERY real and serve as a great reminder of what it USED TO BE LIKE. But I also thanked him for making it "just a dream" and not a reality....no more relapses for this chica :)

    Hope everyone has a great day! STILL snowing here this a.m. and another 3 degree morning to kickstart the day.....28 days till Spring!!!!

  3. Annette, I believe Spring is March 20 or 21 - that's a little more than 28 days. Don't think the Spring date has been changed. With today being February 9 belive we have about 40 days til Spring. But 28 sounds better.

  4. Oopsy.....I just went from what a friend texted me the other day....never even thought about what 28 days from now was....thanks for the correction :)

  5. I can, with God, when I let Him!