Saturday, February 19, 2011

Girls Night

Tonight is girls night. We are dressing up like the 80's and watching Flash
Dance and 16 Candles. Dorky, but soooo fun! I reflected on my life today and it dawned on me that I actually have the life I have always wanted. It is hard sometimes cause that's just life, but it truly is a blessed life.

Off to party like a maniac, maniac for sure!!!

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  1. Hope you had a great time. LOVE 16 Candles. I can't get enough of that movie!! The movies from the 80's were so much fun!!

    I am so glad you are living the life you wanted. It is nice to reflect and say, I am doing it!! Life still has so many ups and downs, but it helps when your totally in the moment.

    Enjoy your weekend and I hope everyone is doing well.

    How is everyone handling handling things in their life? I know I have to stop and think, before I react and get myself in trouble. That is something I am really learning about right now in my life, Don't react to everything, think it through!!