Wednesday, February 16, 2011


I have them, and I'm not liking it. They're the kind that are supposed to be good, the kind you're supposed to enjoy. The ones people are like "O' how neat." about It's not 'neat' it's new and scary and makes me feel vulnerable.

Feelings good, or bad are scary for me. I am doing my best to enjoy what's going on in my life right now, instead of running in the other direction.


  1. Feelings are the worst, they sometimes make us face a reality that we don't feel ready for...but, they also let us know we are alive. They are definitely a double edged sword.

  2. Hi Gucci-girl,
    Good to see you are on track again!

    Hi to you all,
    Without alcohol the emotional part was my greatest challenge because I didn't know what my feelings were and that was scary.
    Sometimes it is still like that for me. When I am in that kind of situation I take a time-out.
    I need my space to find out what I am feeling and then I can come back without the anxiety. If I allow myself to be scared the biggest fear is gone already.
    Alcohol was an instant solution for any kind of feeling but the price to pay was killing!

    It gets better by sober-living!
    I am glad I can feel again even when I have a difficult day.

    Have a happy 24h!
    Love & light.

  3. I've found that I am embracing my emotions...both good and bad. It feels good to me to "finally feel"....I always drank too quickly to numb before I could even really get a good feel of whatever emotion I was experiencing. Granted, all of my feelings aren't always good, but I'm learning to deal with the bad as well as enjoy the wonderful feelings that make me smile, laugh....feel good inside. Allowing myself to feel my true emotions in a given moment is allowing me to experience "life"....real life, not intoxicated life....and I think it feels pretty damn good!

    Off on another roadtrip with my bff to Ft. Lauderdale tonite - gone till Tuesday, but I'll be checking in everyday like I always do :) Hope everyone is havin a great day full of smiles!!!

    Guccigirl.....stay strong girl, go to meetings, know that there is hope - always!! Still prayin for ya everyday :)