Thursday, January 6, 2011

The waiting begins....

UPDATE: Beau is doing well. He has a fracture in his left ankle, which is better than broken I guess. They sent him on his way with a huge bionic boot that he pretty much refuses to wear. I gave him the big lecture that he'll be happy he wore it when he's not re fracture an old fracture during a golf game in his 30's. For now rest, and boot wearing is the goal'


  1. Emily, it is good that you were sober! There's no other way to be able to take care of your kids -- you just never know when an emergency can arise.

    I have a question for everyone: what did you do early in recovery when cravings hit? And I mean if you could not for some reason make it to a meeting or call/reach your sponsor? You're all on your own -- in that case, what did you do?

  2. Prayed my way through it. Prayer does wonders. Just keep talking to God and ask him to help you handle it. He will.