Friday, January 21, 2011

Pulled Over

So, I was wondering what I was going to write about tonight. And then on the way home from picking up Beau, I got pulled over. It was the first time since I got my DUI. It was still a little scary, but WONDERFUL to know I could pass any test I was given. I guess there was some kids screwing around in our neighborhood so they asked Beau a few questions, then asked if I was his sister. Way to score points for pulling me over for no reason. Okay, so I was going 25 in a 35, but whatever :)


  1. Best "pulled over by a cop" experience ever. XOXO - your sister

  2. I love not getting butterflies in my stomach when seeing a cop. Isn't it amazing how much easier life is when you have nothing to hide and fear?

  3. Seeing cop lights in the back window is a freaky moment. I was lucky enough to not get pulled over, but I do LIVE with a cop. Boy was that a drag for my drinking, LOL!! Anyway,I am not nervous when he pulls in the driveway anymore. I don't have to hide my drink or make sure I don't have anything laying around. Funny thing, just like you once in a while you kind of forget your sober and there is nothing to fear, you get a flash of nervousness, and it's just from old habits.

    Emily, I am glad this experience with the cops was a pleasant one, and a very flattering one, his sister, you must have looked good!!!!! Men are noticing!!!