Wednesday, January 5, 2011


The fact I know and have fully wrapped my brain around that I am powerless over alcohol has kept me sober on many day. If I ever go to question how powerless I am all I have to do is take a quick look at my past...

-driving drunk
-screaming, yelling, throwing things at the people I love
-peeing the bed
-not remembering what I said in the morning
-planning my life around alcohol

I have not done any of these things in sobriety.
You know why? Because I am Emily, and I am a recovered alcoholic. But I am only recovered if I remain spiritually fit, and remember that I am powerless.

Are you?


  1. Emily, being spiritually fit is so important!!!

    I am doing o.k. I know what you mean about being up and down and you have to look at what you have stopped doing to remember how far you have come.
    I don't wake up in a fog.
    I don't sweat and smell nasty.
    I don't drive drunk!!
    I don't forget where I put my wallet or my keys, or how much I spent.
    I don't text people crazy stuff & not remember.

    I look at these things and remember that I have a higher power I can use when I am feeling weak, I can call on him to help me not take a drink!! If I work my program, I speak to my sponsor and other alcoholics, I can do it, even on my worse days.

    On my bad days,if I can, I just take a nap or try to read some of the big book, or just pray!!!

    How is everyone making out?
    The holiday's can be so trying!!!

  2. When my brother (also a recovered alcoholic) called me to tell me congrats on my first anniversary, he said "Wow, I cant believe its been over a year since you passed out face first in the gravy bowl!"
    Well, thanks for the reminder of just how powerless I am!
    Thank God for this program!

  3. I am trying to understand this for someone I love. Can anyone explain to me the difference between an alcoholic and an abuser of alcohol? Are they the same? I guess I don't understand the definition of an alcoholic. Also, can someone explain why an alcoholic is never "cured"? So am I right in thinking an alcoholic can never drink again because if they do, they will get drunk? They can't stop drinking once they start, is that right?

    Thanks for any insight...

  4. I can't really give you the differences, but I am an alcoholic, and I can't drink because I can't just have one, I can't just have a sip. If I was to drink again, I would be worse of then I was when I stopped 8 months ago. The first drink gets me drunk because I CAN'T STOP!! When you say abuser of alcohol, do you think it is the same as an alcoholic? It may be, I think it is how you personally would define something. I hope your loved one is looking for some help if they do have a problem. I know it must be hard to see, I put my husband and loved ones though a lot. I hope your love also sees that they have a problem.

    I hope this helps a bit. Sorry for your pain, but you have to remember to take care of YOURSELF also!!