Friday, January 14, 2011

New Habits

I am working on creating new habits. It's crazy how the little things in life can be so hard for me. My friend Sara taught me that you cannot erase anything in the sub conscience, but you can add to it.

So today while I was doing the dishes I kept telling myself that I loved doing the dishes, and that the kitchen would be beautiful when I was done, in the hopes that me dreading it would go away. Keeping your sink clean and shiny is Fly Ladys new habit for January. So my sink is clean and shiny, and next time I think I may even enjoy doing it!

Remember that everything you say or think about yourself goes into our subconscious. So be sweet and loving to yourself. Make sure that you're talking to yourself as kindly as you would a best friend.

1 comment:

  1. Hi, Emily --

    I don't post much but I read almost every day. I like what you've posted here -- it helps me.

    Thank you for what you do and know that you are helping people even if you don't hear it a lot.

    Annette, you are an inspiration to me, too. Even though you had 3 bad days in the last 13 months or so, I think you are doing great and you are a big help to me. Your definition of insanity that you posted awhile back has kept me from drinking many days. Thank you, and please keep posting. I really appreciate your honesty.

    I do miss Momma of 3's postings and Randy's. He's been gone forever -- Emily, you know him. Is he OK?

    Doggie Lover, your posts are helpful to me, too. You are also an inspiration. I'm so impressed with how you've cleaned up your act while still having so much going on in your life.

    Thanks again --