Tuesday, January 11, 2011


Going to meetings through the madness is saving my ass. Life is
starting to happen...I have a job, I'm a single parent, I'm eating
healthy, doing yoga, and dating. It's a lot to balance on top of my
recovery, but I'm doing it.

If I put my main focus on my program I won't lose my head from my ass.
And if I start slack off feel free to call me out:)

How is everyone doing?
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  1. Meeting are SO IMPORTANT, I would not still have my sobriety if I didn't go as much as I can. I had a really hard weekend for some reason and I went to a meeting that I have never gone to and you know what, everyone was welcoming and I got a lot out of it. Meeting makers make it, it is the truth. When I was home for xmas I couldn't get to any, I was losing my mind and to be honest I think some of that had to do with why I finally had a break down, or break through as my sponsor told me. I realized that without my sobriety my life will turn into a complete mess. So even when things aren't perfect when you are sober, it is WAY not so perfect when your drinking!!

    I love my meetings, I hope everyone has some meetings they can go to and enjoy!!

    Hope your having a great day!!