Friday, December 3, 2010

Helping Another Alcoholic

It's amazing to me how willing to help I am. It's like when that call comes in nothing else matters. I will do anything to help another alcoholic. I do this so willingly because someone did it for me. They didn't pause or hesitate, they just helped me and loved me. It was amazing. And I see it as my job forever more to give that kindness and love back. It is my primary purpose in life.

And every time I go to forget the phone seems to ring with needing help. For that I am grateful.


  1. God Bless You Emily for all that you do. I hope when I get up the courage to finally go to an AA meeting that I meet someone as brave and open as you are. I need to do something soon. Last night I got drunk and started pitching forward and hit a very solid piece of wood furniture. I cut open my jaw and badly bruised my left breast and hand. I am just thankful that it was me and not one of my precious little boys (6 and 8). I don’t even remember putting them to bed. I think their Dad did it. He doesn’t want me to go to an AA meeting in case someone sees me. My friends tell me to just have one glass not a whole bottle of wine. I just needed to vent, I guess. I do know I have to do something soon. Love to you.

  2. My heart goes out to you. I can tell you this, one of the great things about AA is that the second A means anonymous. Even if you do see someone you know they are not only there for the same reason, but also know what that A stands for. Keep on commenting. There is lots of love and support here. XO

  3. I am a Dad who puts the kids to bed at night
    I am a Dad who tries to explain this is a disease
    I am a Dad who sees the hurt in the children
    I am a Dad who picks up the empty bottles in the morning
    I am a Dad who has 4 beautiful little girls who want to have their Mommy tuck them in
    I am a Husband who yearns for one sober night with his wife
    I am a husband who is afraid to say the wrong thing
    I am a Husband who fears you
    I am a Husdand who sees the destruction this is causing
    I am a husband who wants you to get help
    I am a husband who sees every excuse in the world
    I am a husband who knows no one but you can do it or tell yourself
    I was a child who went through exactly the same thing
    I am a son who recently found his mother had died in bed with the bottle by her side
    I am a person who is hurting
    I am a person who is lost
    I am a Father and Husband who Loves his children and Wife