Friday, December 17, 2010


This is from my dear friend Sara's book -Heart-Hugs- She is a amazing inspirational person, and it is a wonderfully inspirational book. I am proud to know her.

Heart-Hug #4
I am Whole and Complete just the way I am.
Nothing from the outer worlds is needed to complete you; that is only a illusion of an ego-centered mind.
-You are so much more than this part of your mind will ever allow you to be.
You have a past, you are not your past. Whatever you experienced in your life that caused you to fell deficient or unworthy can also be seen as a gift for healing; it is always about your perception.
-You are free in this moment to see through fresh eyes and reconnect to your wholeness.
That is just a tiny piece of her inspirational book. I read a heart hug a day! Look for Sara's book soon on my safari book shelf!

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  1. I am so inspired by you, Em, and what you are doing to help others. Thanks for posting this from my book: it is one of my favorites! Love and Hugs, Sara