Thursday, December 23, 2010


Bah-hum-bug!....I was fully okay with skipping the entire deal all together...until it showed up, and kept showing to say "You're celebrating me, like it or not."

Don't get me wrong I love Jesus. BIG FAN! But I feel that I celebrate him every day...he is my light, and he knows that, and I don't think he wants anything from me for his Birthday other than to be kind...and he would like me to do that all year, not just in December.

I never feel that I 'do' Christmas well enough, there's always this feeling of underline feeling of failure, like I've disappointed everyone.

And top of that I'm a bit sad about not having a somebod special... I know this isn't very positive, but 3 days and the damn deals over...which makes me :)

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  1. Merry Christmas to you and your boys. Although this time of year is sad and overwhelming for us, we have to make it about our kids. Our kids will model our behavior (hopefully not ALL of our behavior)! Prayers and Gods blessings to you.