Sunday, November 28, 2010

Sobriety Sunday

Coming soon.....

We are back on line at home, for how long who knows...but it's great! I haven't been able to work from home on my new computer since I got it. I'm not sure If I told you all but got a computer donated. Which if you've read through this blog you know was much needed. The amazing guy that donated the computer's name is Lester, and he did it expecting nothing in return. I heard recently that he's looking for a job. I so wish I could give him one, but it's not in the budget. But maybe you can.....check him out, he'd get a letter of recommendation from me for sure!....Lester

Sorry for the super late post, but we just got everything working again. I'm looking so forward to blogging whenever I feel like it!!!

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  1. That's wonderful you got a computer, what a great person he must be!! Happy you can work from home, enjoy!!