Monday, November 8, 2010

Letting the cat out of the bag...

Sooo... I am shooting a documentary about alcoholism this weekend! Cool, huh!? Hopefully one that will impact the lives of many, and help lift the stigmatism of alcoholics. If 1 out 5 people have substance abuse problem, why is it that America is still acting surprised. I am truly sick of hearing about the problem, without ever hearing anyone talk about the solution.

So I will, every opportunity I get. It is my honor to be asked!

I am going to be reading from the blog in part of the video. I would love if you guys could share with me your favorite posts!


  1. That is wonderful Emily!!! Good for you! I can't wait to hear more about it. I have to say some of my favorite posts are when someone needs some extra support and everyone tries to pitch in to help. I know that when I first was getting sober and I went to Las Vegas I was so nervous about flying. You all helped me so much and gave me so much strength!

  2. I totally agree! The comments make this blog what it is! xo,Em

  3. I love the posts that aren't really about alcohol at all, but just a single mom struggling to make ends meet. I am in that same spot and there are days I feel like I am looking in a mirror when I read your posts. It helps me get off the self pity party train and know that other people are in the same position as me.

  4. I love that you are so real sometimes. I know you want to be positive for everyone, you don't want to be a downer, but sometimes when you vent, that really helps. I kind of beat myself up sometimes thinking "just cheer up," but it helps to know you aren't always sunshine and butterflies. This is tough and it sucks, but there is a light at the end if you just stick to it. Even through all the crap, even when you think "just this one, and I'll get past this," you shake it off and come to reality. Not saying stuff out loud sometimes keeps your stupid thoughts sounding like sense. As Dr. Phil says, "you can't make sense out of nonsense." So I think your blog has helped me "hear" some of my nonsense played out. "What if just one" is not pretty.

    My absolute favorite and my life changing comment from you was when you told me to pray my kids find their own path to God. It lifted such a huge burden and guilt and shame from my shoulders. I kept sick because I couldn't deal with what I had done to them. I couldn't control the pain they would have to go through when they grow up remembering how I wasn't there for them. I couldn't/can't control it, and that was a terrifying thing that kept me circling the drain. Now I can move forward and pray I help them find their path. Keep God alive in their hearts so they won't have to try to escape pain--as I have. Maybe, just maybe, they will have a chance. Maybe I will too. :o)

    You changed my life Emily. Thank you!