Friday, October 1, 2010

Watch your thoughts, because your thought become actions. Watch your actions because your actions become habits. Watch your habits, because your habits become your character."

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  1. This is a great post for me today Emily. I had a rough night last night and I was thinking about how great a drink would be to help me relax, thank God I then thought, are you crazy!!! You'll life will just go down the toilet!! last weekend I was out on lOng Island helping my Aunt, tomorrow my husband and I are going to Pa. because my Uncle pasted away. I talked with my cousin and her husband and the first thing he said was that she needs me, and we need to have some drinks!!!! OMG, guess I have to tell them. I really need to be honest with them because we are close with them and go on trips together and their kids are our godchildren. I will get through it, but I have to watch my thoughts. I want to have a positive and supportive of my family, and I know that I can't be present for them if I take a drink!!!

  2. Hey Emily, I totally love the web site. It's like a virtual meeting and you put a lot of VERY meaningful content into it. And forget about the stupid smokey smokes. SMOKING SUCKS!!!!!