Sunday, October 10, 2010


Excuse me while I vent..... I have been having a very hard time, and kind of sugar coating it on here. I guess I do that because I want this blog to be a positive place regardless of how I feel. But you know what I feel like CRAP, like I'm crawling out of my f#$%ing skin. It has been months since I have felt right, months, and I am sick of it!

It makes me feel bad venting on here, like after 3 year I should be in some better place. But, you know what, I am where I am. I did not build this blog to feed you all a bunch of bull about how easy sobriety is. I built it to share about my real experiences, and for you to be able to share about yours. Okay, I'm done.

This I do know.... "Sobriey is not always easy, but it is always worth it." (tm)


  1. You cannot keep that stuff bottled up and expect to stay sober!

    Can't speak for everybody, but the last think I want to hear is rainbows and unicorns everyday...I want to hear about real life and what you do to stay sober through it.

    Happy,(not always), Joyious (not always) and Free (as long as I don't pick up)

  2. Tell it like it is sista! Being honest that there are still struggles, but you don't have to drink or use NO MATTER WHAT, is a great message. Thanks for being a great example of that. ♥

  3. Hey Emily, it's how you feel and your being honest, thank you!!! Nobody has a perfect life, but like you said, it's better to be sober!! I know for a fact that if you look back at your blog and read some of the wondeful things you have shared with all of us. You need to take care of yourself and just know that you need to tell us how your feeling, you should lean on us too!!! We all love you Emily and were hear, reach out to us, it gets better, we promise!!!!

  4. I think you venting is a good thing. It provides a good reminder that even though things might suck (at the moment), we can get through them without picking up a bottle.

  5. Emily - Your realism is golden! I really don't see you venting but perhaps saying a bit of reality in life. Life is difficult for all - that I know. Like you say .. just don't drink. And for you, know that we just share, it is not all on your shoulders. You are allowed to be sad. Life makes us feel all emotions.. Go forward my friend.Just know that you and all who click in are in my daily prayers -

  6. I feel your pain.

  7. Just try to remember that drinking isnt the answer to these feelings/problems - it never helped then and won't help now. Just take one day at a time - it does improve.
    Keep on shining! :)

  8. Sober and not fighting it anymoreOctober 11, 2010 at 4:53 AM

    Well hello everybody. Gotta say my day is going great! I had a terrific day and things are going just fine in my life. Nothing but good news and nothing to vent about. But ya know what? This too shall pass.

  9. Emily, I think what you're going through is what "normal"
    people experience all through life. It's just a season though.
    Just like the good times, all things change, eventually. Just ride the storm, know that God is on watch and It will get better, I promise!!! Love to you.