Wednesday, October 13, 2010

The Phoenix Rock Gym

We had such a blast climbing at the Phoenix Rock Gym. Gavin is a total little monkey man, and had been asking for like ever to go climbing. The Phoenix Rock Gym is amazing all the way around, especially in that it has ever level of walls to climb. Loved it! When we got there I wasn't so sure I'd be climbing, but I did, and I loved it!! I even made it to the top! It's so cool to try new things in sobriety.

Beau and I were chatting, and I said "I think this is what sober people do for their rush instead of drinking and drugging." He said "I think people that drink and drug do it too Mom." I shared with him that maybe they do, most mostly they think about doing it. and talk about doing it. I was always talking about doing great things, but never had it together enough to actually show up. I am glad I can show up for the things I talk about today.

We had a marvelous time. Thank you Phoenix Rock Gym for having us!!


  1. LOVE the photo. Gavin kept asking us to take him climbing. Next time for sure. XOXO - Amy

  2. So love the advice... you just don't show up. So true... God I believe want's more.