Monday, October 11, 2010

Manic Monday

Get up...go to the doctor...try to explain that even though I brush my hair and speak in complete sentences that I am depressed...and need back and forth about how I can't take anything addictive, and am very sensitive to anti-depressants, and changes in medication...try not to get angry that even though I am doing EVERYTHING I can to stay healthy, I still seem to get depressed. I am tired this morning. I feel that I am fighting this part of my battle alone, I know I am not, but it feels that way.


  1. Hi Emily - I know it totally sucks feeling the way you do...its a physical thing too. I'm fighting it too. Try not to beat yourself up about feeling depressed - hopefully you got some meds and they will kick in over time. You have a lot of people behind you and I admire your honesty - xo

  2. Em...I suffer from severe depression due to chemo induced menopause and other health issues. My life is wonderful, but my body is not responding to my brain. I've been on many anti depressants with no long term success. Nothing worked for me until my doc tried me on Pristique. I feel normal again. Take what you like and leave the rest from my comment.