Thursday, October 7, 2010

Getting a Life

I feel like I have sort of abandoned you guys lately! I miss you! But you guys will be so proud of me. I kinda of got myself a life this week. I am now officially doing the marketing, and end of the month reports at Buzzberry, I enrolled in school, I am getting ready to shoot a documentary about alcoholism, I am going to meetings, helping other people, and at the very top of that I am a single Mom to two amazing boys. When I lay it all out like that it makes my want to cry. God is amazing, I went from not being able to get off the couch a few weeks ago to all of the above. Grateful...I am very grateful.

Enough about me. HOW ARE YOU GUYS??? xoxox


  1. Hi Emily! GREAT NEWS!!! Way to go, friend!!! I am soooooooooo happy for you!!! God is sooooooooooooooooooo
    GREAT!!! Enjoy this season! Thank you for this blog! And please, let us know when the documentary will air.
    Love to you all.

  2. Welllllllll....I finally got off the couch and went back to my part-time (30 hrs/wk) job with several good girlfriends...still in a semi-rut, depressed...can't get my anti-depressnats until the new insurance card gets here...anxiously awaiting that! Heard some good stuff at a meeting last nite about spirituality...I think that's what is lacking in my life & program right now and that's why I can't seem to get out of this rut....because "I" am trying to be in complete control of getting "myself" out of this rut....self-will run rampant - AGAIN!!! Gonna get myself back to God and let him run the show...hopefully things will start to look up for me just like they are for you Em!!!

    So proud of you and all your accomplishments and get-up-and-go with the GED are truly an amazing woman!....and I love ya girl!

  3. That is so great - I've visited this blog before - I love it! 3 months and 18 days great to have a place to come in addition to my meetings, friends in sobriety, etc. What I wanted to say is that I wish there were more documentaries on alcoholism - our society is so uneducated - and due to anonymity (sp?), well, you know what I'm saying. Way to go girl and thanks for taking the time to build this site and make it available! God Bless